Food & Wine Pairing
When someone experiences a bad food and wine pairing they will tend to blame the wine, not the food and the consequence is they will not buy that wine again. This can be prevented through educated staff recommendations.

Culinary Tides has been training university students, vineyard, restaurant and grocery staff, and culinary students since 2000. Culinary Tides also provides food trends forecasts to the food industry along with food and wine pairing expertise to the wine and restaurant industry. When you put the two together you have accurate food pairing for specific wines married with the current food and flavor trends consumers are seeing in magazines, restaurants, grocery stores, and on TV.

The training materials developed for food and wine pairing are designed to aid everyone from the wine novice to the aficionado. The training is hands on, interactive, and scientifically based so it eliminates the fear and guess work of pairing wine with food.

As with any marriage, food and wine are not meant to quarrel. Pairing techniques are used to profile wines to find their base elements which will be used to find their partner in food. The pairing information may be used in menu development or with staff training to enhance their ability to make recommendations with confidence and increase sales.

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July 13, 2006