With flexible partnering options, your company can contract with Culinary Tides, Inc. to report on Government movement, Technology innovations, Competitors, Adversary and Ally movement, Research, Flavor and Cuisine trends, or choose from a combination of areas. An initial analysis is performed to take a baseline of a Client's interests, then monthly updates are created along with quarterly reports which are custom designed to fit the needs of a Client.<

A 1 year renewable contract may be engaged to support offensive strategy decisions regarding trends. A new Client may begin the relationship with a 6 month contract.

  1. A Baseline Report: Created at the beginning of a Client relationship to establish the playing field for the Client. It is a one time report which is not repeated unless there is a gap in the relationship for 6 months or more.
  2. Monthly Reports: Written and presented monthly over WebEx. The monthly report is reviewed with the Client each month and will cover the areas selected below. The information captured in a monthly report will be quantitative (not qualitative) and specific to each Client's needs and interests.
  3. Quarterly Reports: Written and presented monthly over WebEx, a Quarterly report is a sum of the previous 3 monthly reports with analysis and forecast included. Quarterlies include a 12-18 month forecast for each of the report sections with chosen areas being cross analyzed to more accurately explain and forecast pattern shifts and directional changes. Quarterly report reviews are also a time for Culinary Tides, Inc. and the Client to discuss if, and in what way, the information captured in the monthly reports should change going forward.
* Additional micro reports (specific trend pattern reports pulled from quarterly reports), strategy discussion, etc. as needed.
Support Areas Option A Option B Option C
Government X
Technology X
Competitiors X
Adversaries / Allies X X
Research X
(Health, Consumer, Industry, Trends)
(Health, Consumer, Industry, Trends)
(Health, Consumer, Industry, Trends)
Flavor / Cuisine X X X

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