Culinary Tides provides the following services to aid with entrance, exit, and navigation strategies for food industry trends:

  • Government: Tracking government food safety, labeling, marketing, sustainability, and health issues globally by monitoring the movement of USDA, FDA, EFSA, WHO, FTC, and others. Responses to government activity by consumers, industry adversary and ally groups, food service, food retail companies, and suppliers are also monitored.

  • Technology: Technology monitoring to evaluate what is needed to participate in a trend and/or partnering opportunities with corporations already possessing that technology. Technologies are also tracked to help Clients keep pace with health concerns and government initiatives affecting the food industry. Product and packaging technologies are both captured.

  • Competitors: Tracking and analyzing corporate movement includes new product releases, sales and acquisitions, strategy moves, financial data, expansions, legal issues, and promotions of food service companies, retail food companies, and food industry suppliers.

  • Adversaries & Allies: Tracking adversarial and ally groups globally for Clients. Adversaries can come in the form of government, industry groups, companies, competing trends, technology, research, and others. Allies and adversaries may cause a trend to be overshadowed by another trend, redirect a trend, or kill it outright and so must be watched to prevent a Client from being blindsided.

  • Research: Research is tracked globally and encompasses health & clinical research, food industry research - including food service, supplier, and retail manufacturer studies, and consumer research - including survey and behavioral studies.

  • Flavor & Cuisine: Forecasting food trends in the United States includes both flavor and cuisine. Flavors include single foods or categories which are touted on their own merits with no particular tie to a specific cuisine. However, a cuisine is a food or finished dish which has direct ties to a specific cuisine, country or region - here or abroad. To more accurately forecast flavor and cuisine trends, the wine and travel industries are also tracked since food trends are often born outside of the food industry.

  • Trend profiling: Profiling is used to determine a trend's lifecycle, personality, and to detect any directional changes.

  • Available as a presenter or workshop leader for conferences, seminars, corporate functions, etc.
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