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The Ayurvedic diet can be complicated because it factors in what a person eats, when it is eaten and why.  Some beliefs of the Ayurvedic diet align with following a plant-based diet and mindful eating.  According to Ayurveda, there are three main forces – aka “doshas” 1.  Go local.  2.  Know yourself.  – that affect mental, spiritual and physical health.   3.  Embrace a variety of flavors.  4.  Make eating an experience.  5.  Rest and digest.  6.  Don’t turn it into a diet-diet.  For example, if you eliminate certain fruits and vegetables simply because a list says people with your “dosha” should limit them, you could wind up missing out on key nutrients or develop disordered eating patterns.


Lightbulb Moment: What is great about this article is that it breaks down Ayurvedic diets into simple steps and overtly warns you NOT to villainize any foods, like so many diets do today.  It is mindful eating come to life.