Trends, Foresights, & Insights: Never Miss, or Misread a Trend Again

Over 57% of Americans aren’t familiar with cultured meat and about 36% aren’t familiar with plant-based meats, according to research published in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. Almost 30% of US consumers said they are “very or extremely likely” to buy lab-grown meat and nearly 33% said the same about plant-based meat, while about 23.6% said they were “not at all likely” to purchase clean meat and 25% reported that they are “not at all likely” to buy either type of product.


Lightbulb Moment: This is a great example of a trend where the food industry is aware of it but consumers are not.  Media can cause a trend to seem larger than it is due to over focus.  In reality, the cultured meat trend is in its infancy and plant-based meats are just toddlers.