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Fresh grocery departments are posting significant gains for delivery operations, seeing 42% year-over-year growth across six departments including produce, meat and bakery, according to data from Retail Feedback Group.  Broken down, 42 percent of online shoppers purchase produce (up 50 percent), 38 percent buy from the bakery (up 36 percent), 35 percent purchase meat (up 40 percent), 33 percent buy prepared food and meals (up 27 percent), 33 percent purchase deli meats and cheeses (up 50 percent), and 19 percent buy seafood (up 46 percent). 


Lightbulb Moment: This is what can turn the tide for at home meal kit delivery.  One of the obstacles has been distrust on consumers part of fresh produce and meat being selected for them and then shipped to their homes.  Right now, the sweet spot is being held by meal kits appearing in the grocery setting.  It allows consumers to inspect items before bringing them home – combined with the convenience of the finished pre-prep work offered by meal kits.