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A brand of chocolate inspired by success stories of GM farming is aiming to change perceptions of genetically modified crops.  The organization – a coalition of more than 1,600 farmers – has launched a new campaign that centers around a line of pro GMO chocolates called Ethos.  The nonprofit is giving away 4,000 of the bars in total, with visitors to Ethos’ website being encouraged to mail samples to loved ones in the US.  There are four flavors based on cacao, papaya, orange and apple – all crops that have been made more sustainable or more viable by genetic engineering.  For example, GMOs saved Hawaii’s papaya industry after it was decimated by ring spot virus.  A Fresh Look is encouraging consumers to re-evaluate their perceptions of GM food.  They created a product to illustrate the benefits of a technology that is often misunderstood.


Lightbulb Moment: Consumers need to be educated on GMO instead of being ruled by ignorance and fear.  Past studies have shown that if consumers are anti-GMO and are educated for just 20 minutes on what GMO is and why it is utilized, the majority not only favors GMO, they will also pay more for it.  This effort by Ethos is well timed and strategic.