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All Things Jerky sells all kinds of jerky, hot sauce, nuts, and BUGS! The fair stand in Wisconsin keeps coming up with exciting combinations for patrons to try.  This fair serves ants on a stick.  The company is called All Things Jerky, Exotic meat Snacks.  The booth specializes in unique snacks including Larvets, original worm snack in BBQ.


This year they’re serving pretzels rolled in marshmallow and ants.  Ants have a tart or sour taste according to Jessica Jerky, the Owner.  It starts with a pile of black and brown ants.  Then a pretzel stick is dunked in marshmallow.  It’s twirled in the ant pile.


Lightbulb Moment: Bravo! We are so excited that bugs are getting playful and a Fair is the perfect breakout place for consumers to try them.  That they are alive however is a leap for Americans, but will push the idea of entomophagy further into the spotlight, even is premised on the shock value at first.  Retail would find it hard to follow in these footsteps but food service has the playground open to them.  There are an estimated 1,462 species of recorded edible insects according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).  I think it helps that the story broke with a video and consumers voicing their love of the bugs.  However, All Things Jerky would be wise to keep an eye out for adversarial animal rights groups – if there are indeed any concerned for the wee beasties.