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The FDA has scheduled the first public hearing on cannabidiol (CBD) and at the same time announcing a handful of other steps to ease this emerging ingredient into regulation. But the agency also emphasized that CBD is not allowed in food or beverage products at this time.  CBD is a drug, according to the agency, and, like all drugs, must be studied carefully as it enters widespread use.  The public hearing will give interested parties the opportunity to provide the FDA with input relevant to the agency’s regulatory strategy, as well as the pathways by which appropriate products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds can be marketed, and how to make these legal pathways more efficient. 


Lightbulb Moment: The interesting thing about CBD is that the food industry does not seem to be phased by the fact that it is a drug, not an ingredient.  The food or beverage that it is formulated with must make a cohesive story.  For instance, to put CBD into an energy beverage would entirely defeat the purpose.  To prove efficacy to the FDA the marriage between CBD and product must make sense.  Do you have an approach to engage the FDA to legitimize the use of CBD in a product? That’s where Culinary Tides, Inc. comes in.