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Based on our (FDA’s) review of the citizen petitions, comments that we have received, and our independent evaluation of the available scientific data, we intend to propose to add eight new isolated or synthetic non-digestible carbohydrates to § 101.9(c)(6)(i) because we have tentatively determined that they have physiological effects that are beneficial to human health.


We intend to exercise enforcement discretion for the declaration of dietary fiber, pending completion of a rulemaking regarding revising our regulations, if the declaration includes one or more of the following eight isolated or synthetic non-digestible carbohydrates, when present in a food and included in the amount of dietary fiber declared on the Nutrition or Supplement Facts label: • mixed plant cell wall fibers; 10 • arabinoxylan; • alginate; • inulin and inulin-type fructans; • high amylose starch (resistant starch 2); • galactooligosaccharide; • polydextrose; and • resistant maltodextrin/dextrin


Lightbulb Moment: Finally, inulin and others which have a solid track record in clinical health research can be given due credit on the label. Whether they aid digestion, heart health, lower cholesterol or contribute another benefit, this will make communication easier for companies trying to express a product’s advantage.