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Beyoncé is undoubtedly a hugely talented and prosperous singer-songwriter, actress and all-round creative polymath. But a nutritionist she is not… The US star’s new diet plan, called 22 Days Vegan Nutrition Plan, has been criticized by nutrition professionals as a potentially “dangerous” diet that could lead to “nutritional deficiencies”. The singer’s plan was posted on her YouTube channel. The crash diet that promises weight loss in 22 days was created by her personal trainer, Marco Borges. The plant-based diet cuts out carbohydrates, sugar, fish, meat and alcohol. However, dietitians warned it cuts out essential nutrients and has too few calories. Beyoncé’s diet contains just 1,400 calories a day, well under the 2,000-a-day the NHS recommends women consume.


Lightbulb Moment: Bottom line here is – if you want to enrage Dietitians – go ahead and create a nutritionally unsound diet that villainize foods or food groups.  Dieters will certainly lose weight only to gain it back because they have no way to transition off the diet once the weight is lost.  Long term these exclusionary diets are not sustainable, dieters cheat more often, and create nutrient deficiencies.  Want to learn more about how this impacts your business?  That’s where Culinary Tides, Inc. comes in.