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Researchers found 23% of workers obtained food at work during the week, including 17% who got food for free, and 9% who bought food. Among the top contributors to calorie totals in both cases were soft drinks, sandwiches, chips, donuts and other pastries, burgers, pizza, burritos and candy.  While food obtained at work doesn’t represent the largest part of most people’s diets, about 11 percent of workers obtained food at work three times per week, and five percent of workers did so five or more times per week.  That means millions of employees eat a large number of calories at work regularly, and it could be a significant part of their diet. 


Lightbulb Moment: Employers should think about their role in how they contribute to employees’ diets.  It isn’t about offering snacks, it is about helping employees maintain energy, focus, and balance throughout their day.  It’s a responsibility and should be approached thoughtfully.