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Consumers are doing more searches on mobile devices for “near me” store locations and grocers need to make sure they are on that radar. One key way to do so is to ensure that businesses are listed in several directory sites with consistent information.


Among mobile device users, 82 percent have reported trying a “near me” search on their devices, a number that rises 10 points among Millennials, according to new research from Uberall.  When survey respondents were asked what they typically use “near me” searches for, 84 percent said food.  It’s not enough simply to rank in search results, though: The report shows that 93 percent of respondents are somewhat or very likely to view the first set of results.


Lightbulb Moment: This is true for grocers, restaurants, and anyone doing B2B.  Where are you? How can I see you, touch you, get ahold of you? It is now, or I may forget about you.  You decide how badly you need me.  I am not waiting.