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While high-protein foods are on trend, too much of the nutrient can harm the kidneys. This is highlighted by three scientists who have collaborated on an editorial calling for wider awareness. Although the kidney risks of a high-protein diet are widely known within the medical world, consumers continue to turn toward trendy keto-style diets as they seek weight loss and other health benefits. However, many of these people may unknowingly be at risk of kidney disease, with their protein intake exacerbating this condition. A diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates is effective for weight loss. However, if you start eating carbs again, you gain weight quickly. High-protein diets don’t work long-term – they are only good for starting to lose weight. While a high-protein diet may not be dangerous to everyone, it can be difficult to know exactly who is at risk. Other risk factors include taking drugs, such as anti-pain or anti-inflammatory pills, having diabetes or high blood pressure, or being older. At least 30 percent of patients with diabetes suffer from underlying chronic kidney disease.


Lightbulb Moment: The bottom line is the kidneys don’t like protein.  High protein diets put an additional strain on the kidneys whose job it is to filter it out.  Want to promote weight loss that is healthy and sustainable? Then stop promoting diets that villainize entire food groups.

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