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Carbohydrates are the most efficient energy store for our bodies and are paramount to athletic performance, according to Dr Samuel Impey, adjunct lecturer at Edith Coen University, Birmingham, and former head of nutrition and physiology at Team Wiggins, a professional cycling team. The notion that ‘carbs are bad’ and that fat is a better source of energy couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to athletic performance.  He said that despite much talk, about the benefits of a high fat/low carb (keto) diet, carbs are the most efficient fuel source for the body.  The energy from carbohydrates can be released up to three times as fast as the energy from fat and the combustion of 1 liter of oxygen yields 4.68 calories from fat compared to 5.06 calories from carbohydrate starch.  Research has linked increased pre-performance carb intake with better athletic performance, showing the carbohydrate requirement increases in-line with the level of training intensity and duration. 


Lightbulb Moment: Hopefully you are not shocked by what dietitians and sports medicine researchers have already known, but the media has chosen not to focus on.  Welcome carbs back to the party.

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