Capabilities Presentation

Knowing which trends best fit your brand, which will resonate most with customers, how long they will last, and where they are headed next can clear a path for meaningful strategy.

Culinary Tides, Inc. is a private forecasting think tank. We help food industry partners navigate trends by revealing patterns leading to products & strategy that connects with customers.  We specialize in foretelling a trend’s birth and forecasting its trajectory, personality, & longevity. Our forecasts are used to create:

  • Entrance
  • Navigation
  • Exit strategies

We are offering 2 options!  Join Culinary Tides, Inc. for our Capabilities presentation where we show you how you can take control of your future:

Thursday October 21st:  11am – 11:30am EST or 2pm – 2:30pm EST

Can’t make those times? Contact us to schedule a presentation.

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