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According to the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, 56% percent of self-described foodies like to try new foods, 47% want to learn more about the origins of foods, 32% have an awareness of what foods are in season, and 19% eat healthy.  The new survey also found that the average American will have their “taste awakening” at age 31, the age they feel their palate has fully matured.


Other top signs of a foodie include: •Being able to cook a quality meal: 42 percent •Knows how to pair cured meats with cheeses, wine and beer: 30 percent •Always have a restaurant you should try: 24 percent •Being able to pronounce difficult food names: 19 percent •Having traveled to a country to try their food: 17 percent


Lightbulb Moment: Foodies are a diverse group who cannot be defined easily.  Think of them existing on a continuum having one or possibly several things in common with each other.  Then factor in their age, education, geographical location, and social connectivity and that further expands their diversity.  Syphoning off who it is you are trying to speak to is the challenge.  Figuring that out is half the fun.