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Food & Beverage Pairing

The food and beverage pairing training introduces the science behind various pairing techniques.  The goal is to impart the ability to pair food and beverage to attendees and empower them to apply the lessons in real time, on the job.  Rather than attempting to squeeze the infinite possibilities into one-size-fits-all rules, the pairing techniques allow the basic components of taste and flavor to be their guide.

As with any marriage, food and beverage are not meant to quarrel.  Pairing techniques are used to profile beverages to find their base elements which will be used to find their partner in food.  The pairing information may be used in menu development or with staff training to enhance their ability to make recommendations with confidence and increase sales.  The training is hands-on, interactive, and introduces several pairing techniques to allow flexibility and eliminate the fear and guesswork of pairing beverage with food.

Training Seminar Includes:

  • A 1-day, on-site training seminar focused on developing technical beverage and food pairing skills
  • A combination of lecture, tastings, and pairing exercises will allow attendees to develop an understanding of beverage and food pairing
  • Food & Flavor trends forecast included to enhance staff’s suggestions
  • Training covers pairings for:
    • Wine
    • Beer
    • Spirits

Registration & Schedule:

The cost for registration, course materials, and tastings is $5,000 for 1-6 persons, each additional attendee – $350.