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Millennials with children increased their restaurant visits by 5% during 2018 compared to the previous year, reported The NPD Group. This boost stands in contrast to flat traffic growth for the total foodservice industry in 2018.  Currently, millennials overall make the most restaurants visits per capita, although their visits have been slowing.  In 2018, millennials with children made 7.3 billion visits to QSRs.  They are most likely to visit foodservice outlets for dinner.  The location at which millennial families choose to eat their foodservice meals or snacks varies, with 46% of meals or snacks eaten at home; 30% eaten at the restaurant; and the remaining percentage spread between in the car, at work and other locations. 


Lightbulb Moment: The difference between Millennial parents and the older generations – Gen X, Boomers, WWII, Swing generation parents – is that the older generation would get a baby sitter and use dining out occasions as a chance to reconnect, have adult time.  Millennial parents bring the kids with them.  This does not seem to be an anomaly of their age, but an actual personality differentiator.  Since Millennials tend to be the kids of Boomers, it will be interesting to see how Gen Z will behave since they are children of Gen X.  How are they most likely to behave and what is causing Millennial parents to behave as they are? That’s where we come in.