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A vending machine dispensing insect snacks set up in Kumamoto, Japan, is out performing its owner’s expectations. It dispenses 10 insect snacks, ranging from a protein bar containing powdered crickets (700 yen, $6.38), tinned tarantula (1,900 yen – $17.34) and salted crickets (1,300 yen – $11.86). To cater for consumers with a sweet tooth, some of the insects are coated in chocolate. Toshiyuki Tomoda installed the machine in November last year outside his balloon shop in the city to raise awareness about environmental issues and enhance the appeal of edible insects. He was shocked when around 500 items – about ¥500,000 in total – were bought from the machine during the first month of its operation. Tokyo-based insect snack producer Takeo LLC supplies the products for the Kumamoto machine.


Lightbulb Moment: This story combines two of my favorite things – vending technology and insects – it’s just fabulous.  Please set up shop in the USA next… Please!!!