2021/22 Trends Forecast Report

Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping the Food Industry in 2021/22

A Culinary Tides, Inc. report with contributions from Menu Matters

Release Date: February, 2021

2021/22 predictions explore:

  • Government– cybersecurity, plant proteins, obesity, cannabis, GMO
  • Technology – narrowcasting, order, delivery, GMO, robotics, packaging, cellular agriculture
  • Health– microbiome, cognitive function, protein plus, nootropics, immunity, cannabis
  • Consumers – clockless eating, transparency, invisibly healthy, path to purchase, Climatarian
  • Travel –digital detox, climate neutral, dark travel, isolation, self-care, safe cities
  • Beverage –zero proof, snackified, plant milk, tea/coffee-infused, regional global
  • Food – micro ethnic, plant-based, alternative flours, peasant food, foodceuticals, wallflowers

As part of our ongoing work, we have been tracking the political and economic unease here and abroad, well before the onset of COVID-19. What the spread of COVID-19 and Recession onset have caused, is an amplification and acceleration of the Tide that was already rolling in. It’s no less significant for its abruptness and shock value, but any crisis can have the effect of shaping and altering the trajectory of already identified trends.

It can be difficult to know which trends are most likely to rise above the noise in the New Year. It can be even more confusing trying to decide which will resonate most with your brand and customers.

This report is a cross-analysis of 200 prediction lists for 2021 put forth by 175 industry experts. In all, more than 1,600 individual predictions were evaluated for their potential during the coming year, however, only well-supported predictions were included in the final report. All trends in the report are anticipated to remain in focus throughout 2021 and into the first quarter of 2022.

The trends are broken down by macro and micro families, which help to establish their strengths and links to other existing trends. Gap analysis was performed to identify overlooked trends which were considered critical to the overall forecast picture by Culinary Tides, Inc and Menu Matters.

Pathway analysis accompanies the forecast to aid creation of approaches and products which align with consumers. This helps to translate fragmented trend lists, into actionable strategic intelligence.

Discover Navigation charts with “Ah-Ha Moments” you can use to navigate trends affecting your playground. The trends are broken down by macro and micro families, which help to establish their strengths and links to other existing trends.

Knowing which trends best fit your brand, which will resonate most with customers, and how long they will last can clear a path for meaningful innovation. Understanding how these trends came to be and what is pushing them into the spotlight can help move you to a calmer, more confident position for strategy development.

The 2020 was created in partnership between:

This report reveals drivers for food industry trends through 2021/Q1 2022: 

  • Government
    • Health
    • Labeling
    • Marketing
    • Economy
    • Food Safety
    • Virtual Safety
    • Sustainability
  • Technology
    • Safety
    • Marketing
    • Services
    • Food & Beverage Preparation
    • Social – Connectedness
    • Health
    • GMO
    • Ingredients
    • Packaging
    • Sustainability
  • Health
    • Prevention
    • Control
    • Trust
    • Simplify
    • Digestion
    • Obesity
    • Cognitive Function
    • Other Functional
  • Consumers
    • Motivation
    • Behavior
    • Health
    • Control, Safety, & Security
    • Economy
    • Sustainability
  • Travel
    • South America
    • Central America
    • North America
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Pacific
    • Caribbean
    • Middle East
    • Arctic
    • Themed Travel
    • Experiential Travel


  • Beverage
    • Setting & Experiences
    • Wine Regions
    • Wine Styles & Varietals
    • Cocktails & Spirits
    • Beer, Cider, & Hard Soda
    • Non-Alcohol
    • Add-Ins & Preps
    • Health
    • Economics
    • Sustainability
  • Food
    • Meal Types & Setting
    • Preparation
    • Foods & Flavors
    • Regional Cuisines & Factions
    • Health
    • Sustainability

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  • Report PDF
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  • Link diagrams
  • Macro and micro trend tables
  • PowerPoint presentation
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  • 1 month phone support

Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping The Food Industry in 2021/22.

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