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2024/25 Trends Report

Shifting Sands: Trends Shaping the Food & Beverage Industry in 2024/25

A Culinary Tides, Inc. report with contributions from Menu Matters

Release Date: February 15, 2024

The problem is MOST yearly trends reports from the big guys just gets you a random list of items and you are left to sort it all out to find what you need to develop new products. What’s worse, it doesn’t consider the future trajectory or drivers of a trend so you may waste time and resources creating something that won’t work.

You should get the trends report you need PLUS the independent foresights from a team that can help you make better business decisions without the headache of digging through mounds of data. 

As a trends forecasting company operating for nearly two decades, we know trends forecasting is vital to your business, and having access to a foresight expert gives you the advantage over the competition.

The 2024 Shifting Sands Yearly Trends Report from Culinary Tides, Inc & Menu Matters is more than a report. You’ll receive: 

  • Data from 187 Sources- We’ve waded through the noise for you! 
  • Developed for all corporate personalities- From Trendsetters to cautious Followers
  • Searchable database: No more scrolling endlessly, looking for what you need.
  • Multiple trend segments: Food, beverage, consumer, health, technologies and more
  • PLUS: 1 month access to Foresight Expert to aid in strategic implementation. 

Don’t miss valuable opportunities. Get access to the searchable data you need and a Foresight Expert to help you pave the way for winning innovation.

Are you ready to become a Foresights Master in 2024/25? Your journey begins here:

  1. Order our report, “Shifting Sands: Foresights Shaping the Food & Beverage Industry in 2024/25”
  2. Schedule a 1-hour meeting to demonstrate how to best utilize the report for your specific goals
  3. Benefit from our expertise as a resource following report purchase.

Order now and simplify your future. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back.


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Shifting Sands: Trends Shaping the Food & Beverage Industry in 2024/25

This report reveals drivers for the food and beverage industry through 2024/Q1 2025: 


    • Setting, Meal Types & Experiences
    • Themes
    • Preparation
    • Tone / Voice
    • Foods
    • Flavors & Seasonings
    • Regional Cuisines & Dishes
    • Desserts & Snacks
    • Clusters
    • Health
    • Economics
    • Sustainability


    • Setting & Experiences
    • Themes
    • Tone / Voice
    • Preparations
    • Add-ins & Mixers
    • Wine Regions
    • Wine Styles & Varietals
    • Cocktails & Spirits
    • Beer, Cider, & Seltzer
    • Non-Alcohol
    • Health
    • Economics
    • Sustainability


    • Motivation: Experiential, Psychological, Technology
    • Behavior
    • Health: Target Conditions, Foods
    • Control, Safety, & Security
    • Economy: Spending, Saving, General Economy
    • Sustainability: Food, Packaging


    • Prevention: Target Conditions
    • Control
    • Trust
    • Simplify
    • Immune Function
    • Cognitive Function
    • Other Functional


    • Drives & Behavior
    • World Regions
    • Themed Travel
    • Experiential Travel


    • Health & Health Claims
    • Labeling
    • Marketing
    • Food Safety
    • Virtual Safety
    • Cannabis & Psychotropics
    • COVID-19
    • Economy
    • Sustainability


    • Safety: Food & Tech
    • Marketing
    • Social: Connectedness
    • Services: Order & Delivery
    • Food & Beverage Preparation
    • Ingredients
    • Health
    • GMO
    • Sustainability
    • Packaging: Function & Design


      • Full Report: Food & Beverage:   $5,000.00
      • Beverage focused report:   $3,500.00
      • Food focused report:   $3,500.00

      All purchases include:

      • Searchable database of trends
      • PowerPoint report
      • 1-hour virtual report review
      • 5 hours of virtual support for 1 month following purchase

      The 2024/25 report was created in partnership between:

      Maeve Webster,

      Suzy Badaracco,