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90% of US vegetarians are considering veganism, even though half of US vegans are dissatisfied with their food choices, according to a study from Ingredient Communications. But the movement to eat fewer animal by-products is growing, with 90% of vegetarians considering the full switch to plant-based and 42% of meat eaters intending to either eat less meat or cut it out of their diets altogether.


Only 36% of UK vegans are dissatisfied with vegan food choices on the market, and disapproval from Americans is half and half at 50%.  US vegetarians are also more likely to dislike their options than their UK counterparts.


Lightbulb Moment: It would be interesting to find out what percentage of those unsatisfied vegans cook from scratch or are interested in learning scratch cooking as a result of their dissatisfaction.  Regardless, the underlying driver outweighs their unhappiness for current products.  You can see there is a huge opportunity here for industry.