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Marketers will be more successful connecting with Generation Z with visually engaging surveys sent via social media, according to Confirmit. According to Accenture’s Gen Z report, 40 percent of the generation report that they provide feedback often or very often.  They want their voices heard.  Their world has always been digital.  They are exceptionally social and mobile.  They expect personalization.  How do we capture Gen Z’s feedback? 


1. Make it Mobile  2.  Employ Rich Media 3.  Leverage Location Tracking  4.  Offer Incentivize.


Lightbulb Moment:

Generation Z, in its entirety, is the first generation born into both technology and sustainability.  Speaking to them is a different venture compared to older generations.  Also, consider their parents are most likely Gen X so they have some of their qualities hard-wired in as well.  They are honest, wildly independent, and they don’t care about you as a company.