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Research from the Global Prebiotic Association shows that even the most seasoned supplement users have a murky understanding of what a prebiotic actually is.  Prebiotics are ingredients that feed good bacteria that is already in the gut.  The knowledgeable supplement users are looking for products labeled ‘prebiotic.’ But they do not understand the differences between different types.  Just 29% of Americans are aware of the link between prebiotics and healthy digestion.


Lightbulb Moment: It took years for consumers to understand what probiotics are and prebiotics are having the same trouble.  The difference is that the yogurt industry did a great job of educating consumers on what probiotics are but there is no champion yet for prebiotics.  The confusion won’t clear till someone steps up and explains it to consumers.  Prebiotics cannot follow the same path as probiotics in popularity unless it also mirrors the educational piece to form an alliance with consumers.