Trends, Foresights, & Insights: Never Miss, or Misread a Trend Again

A survey polling 2,000 Americans found that the average person eats breakfast just three times a week, while 13% rarely, if ever, eat breakfast. The survey was conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Sabra, to examine overall breakfast eating habits and behaviors.  Among those that do eat breakfast, 65% said eggs were their go-to morning meal, 58% drink coffee, and 56% eat cereal.  Beyond that, 46% of respondents chose breakfast sandwiches and 42% chose bacon as their top breakfast foods.  The ‘sweet breakfast eater’ tended to be an early riser and experience an energy ‘crash’ around 2 p.m.  The ‘savory breakfast eater’ said they were most productive later in the morning (just before 11 a.m.) and experience their afternoon energy crash closer to 3 p.m.  According to Mintel research, in 2018, half of consumers agreed breakfast is more important than lunch or dinner, compared to 55% in 2014.  Mintel added that part of the trend of skipping breakfast is due to traditional ‘mealtimes’ turning into ‘snack times’ (75% of consumers say they snack in the morning). 


Lightbulb Moment: The decline in breakfast eaters may be due to consumers considering their morning meal a “snack” not a “breakfast”.  However, any morning meal, regardless of size, is breakfast.  In other research when consumers are asked instead if they eat in the morning, many say yes that they snack.  Researchers have to be careful how they are asking their question or miss seeing the true picture.  Want to learn more about how this trend impacts your business?  That’s where Culinary Tides, Inc. comes in.