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According to “Privacy & Personalization,” a study from SmarterHQ, 74% of respondents say mobile push notifications are the most invasive channel because they view their phone as an everyday tool that’s part of their personal space.  Other leading creepy personalization tactics include website chat popups that use artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate, as well as advertisements featuring products or brands a consumer has looked at online or on their phone.  Marketers need to carefully consider what consumers consider creepy, as 63% of respondents say they would stop purchasing products and services from companies that take “creepy” marketing too far.  A leading 51% of consumers say email is the best way for a brand to communicate, with social media second in line (25%).  Eighty-six percent of respondents are concerned about their data privacy, and 79% believe companies know too much about them.  Despite these misgivings, 90% of consumers are willing to provide behavioral data for a better shopping experience.


Lightbulb Moment: While companies are taking pride in using the newest tech to reach consumers, they are not all paying attention to how their consumers are feeling about it.  Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you always should.  Watch your consumers’ response to your tech strategy or risk alienating them.