Trends, Foresights, & Insights: Never Miss, or Misread a Trend Again

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Culinary Tides, Inc. Workshop Capabilities: Trends, Foresights & Insights

Stop basing future products on what happened in the past.  Moving from “everything is possible” to “here’s what’s relevant,” these workshops align your vision across product teams and leverages the contributions from different proficiency areas Whether you are creating new products, re-evaluating your current product lineup, or evaluating strategy efficacy – we offer workshops for all:

  • Ideation Workshop
  • Current Concept Review Workshop
  • Red Cell Workshop


Each workshop will guide your team through a series of filters, educating them on the most current research and future pathways.  Culinary Tides, inc. will help your team get to their own best ideas faster and more confidently through:

  • Identifying key trends and drivers relating to the product category
  • Exposing any related sub-trends
  • Identifying crucial consumer drivers
  • Exploring longevity and affinity characteristics of each idea
  • Engaging analytics to fine tune ideas to better align with drivers

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