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Workshops that Work

Customized workshops to help your team create new products & future proof current product in development.

Usable Foresights that are data-driven

Customized for Your Product/Industry

Maximize Training Budget with Actionable Results

Are Workshops Costing You More Than Their Worth?

When you’re in the food and beverage industry, innovation is key. Often companies look to conferences and workshops to help inspire ideas for the next big idea.
Although these might help you see what’s out there and possibly generate ideas, they often fall short of delivering real ROI to your bottom line.

Workshops that rely on historical data and a “canned” approach to content miss emerging trends:

  • They lack adaptability to corporate goals and capabilities.
  • They often generate ideas that get left on a whiteboard without a clearly defined execution plan.
  • Team members who feel excluded may resist or fail to share their own ideas, hindering innovation and growth.

No matter what you’re responsible for in the food and beverage industry, when your looking to bring in a workshop to help you innovate, you want the details taken care of, rather than being stuck creating the workshop on your own. 

We offer customized workshops designed to meet your specific requirements, incorporating data that allows you to anticipate upcoming trends, thus empowering you to develop superior products.


As a team leader and workshop organizer, you want to create an event that will build team dynamics while creating opportunities for business success.

We know workshops aren’t for every company and before you get approval, you need to show how investing in a workshop will give your company the ROI it needs to start planning. As an industry leading foresight research analyst and consulting company, we’ve worked with industry leaders to provide key research and unbiased consulting, so companies can plan with confidence.

We approach our workshops the same way, with collaboration, foresight data, and decades of experience using military and chaos analytics which gives you the edge you need to help plan and execute your next workshop.

Ideation Workshop

Generate new
concept ideas

  • Create new product lines/concepts utilizing foresights
  • Create new line extensions for existing product lines
  • Move laterally into new territories with white space exploration
  • Reveals fatal flaws in product ideas that may affect sales or consumer acceptance
  • Allows concept ideas to be put through a course correction

BONUS: Using Foresight Data capitalizes on emerging trends and quickly eliminates unsupported ideas.

Concept Review Workshop

current concepts

  • Re-evaluate current product lines/concepts
  • Fine-tune product lines/concepts following unsatisfactory consumer testing
  • Pre-test new product lines/concepts prior to launch
  • Reveals fatal flaws in products that may affect sales or consumer acceptance
  • Allows concepts to be put through a course correction

BONUS: Provides the opportunity to gather valuable feedback and insights, enabling refinement and optimization of ideas.

Strategy Workshop

Test Strategy

  • Test your organization’s strategy plan to improve effectiveness
  • Narrow strategy options being considered
  • Re-asses future strategy plans that are already set
  • Reveals flaws in strategy that may affect sales or consumer/client loyalty
  • Allows strategy ideas to be put through a course correction
  • Reveals gaps in strategy plans

BONUS: Learn to assess market dynamics, trend drivers, and consumer foresights to align your corporate strategy for optimal effectiveness.

Strengthen Your Team Through Workshops Designed To Foster Innovation!


We’ll meet to learn about you, your goals, and which workshop is right for your team.


Combining your desired outcomes for the workshop and foresight data, we will create a customized workshop for your team.


Walk away with a plan that helps you successfully plan for your next product, improve current products, or fine tune your strategy plan to increase your bottom line.


You can effortlessly organize a successful workshop for your team without the headache of doing it yourself. Grab this guide to help you successfully plan and coordinate with workshop facilitators.


  • Know what questions to ask your team as you plan.
  • Understand what to look for when interviewing workshop facilitators
  • Learn what steps to take following the workshop to turn your ideas into action to move your company forward – increasing your bottom line.