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South Korean food technology company Phyto Corporation has developed a range of unique products all based on its research into the seawater-grown crop Salicornia.  Salicornia belongs to a family of salt-accumulating plants called halophytes, which means that it is by nature high in salt content.  Salicornia is the only edible halophyte – not to be confused with seaweed, which grows inside the sea itself and does not accumulate salt.  Phyto Corporation holds more than 30 patents for Salicornia-based products currently, including 100% plant-based salt PhytoSalt.  PhytoSalt is also the only plant-based organic salt in the market.  Salicornia contains many defense compounds to prevent ‘salt stress’ such as saponin, polyphenol, flavonoids, choline, betaine, etc.  which all have some form of benefit or other to health.  It also contains a large amount of mineral and dietary fiber, seven times more potassium than potatoes, 10 times more iron than spinach, as much calcium as six servings of milk and essential amino acids.


Lightbulb Moment: We are always excited to see a new technology’s birth, especially when the product has health overlays.  Looking forward to seeing how it does in the marketplace.

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